Located in El Paso, Texas our Pet’s Barn biscuit bakery is where our pet’s favorite biscuits are made.

Throughout a business day, at least  7,500 biscuits are made daily! Whether your dog likes blueberry or bacon, we have a biscuit for them!

The History

Our gourmet dog treats are just a part of what Pet’s Barn is about. The story begins more than 50 years ago, when Dean Travis’s dad was managing a feed store in El Paso. Eventually, he became the owner of the store. Today, his son Dean owns and operates 22 Pet’s Barn stores in El Paso, San Antonio, and Las Cruces.

“This is very personal,” says Dean Travis. “This was my Dad’s business, now it’s mine, and my son Eric is running our pet food plant. We make it a point to buy every ingredient from U.S. farmers and producers… and we only use high-grade ingredients that we would want our own pets to eat.”

Fresh USA Origin Ingredients

It may surprise you to find out that our gourmet biscuits are comprised of human-grade commodities. If you ever get curious, try one yourself! They are perfectly safe for pet AND human consumption. The best part of making our own gourmet dog treats is that we can ensure your pets receive them nice and fresh! Biscuits are on the Pet’s Barn shelves within days from coming out of the Pet’s Barn Bakery oven.

Meet Our Head Biscuit Baker!

Some would call our head baker, Bobby Ladday a dog’s best friend. Bobby has been the head baker for Pet’s Barn for the past 9 years.

Bobby makes thousands of fresh, delicious biscuits every day and is passionate about bringing the very best treats to dogs all over! Although, if Bobby had to choose, he’d recommend our Blueberry, Maple or Mint biscuits!

The Life of a Fresh Baked Biscuit

Our head biscuit baker Bobby carefully weighs out every ingredient according to our top secret biscuit recipes.  Once mixes all of the flours, scrumptious flavors and other ingredients Bobby places all ingredients into our industrial mixer and starts mixing.

Once the ingredients have bonded to become a dough, they are placed in our biscuit creation machine.  This machine is where the magic happens.  The dough will be wrapped around the biscuit dough mold, that securely holds in it place until it is ready to be pressed into one of our many biscuit shapes.

At the flip of a switch, the conveyor belt will start to turn and the dough will start to be pressed into a rotary mold of the biscuit shape we are making.  These rotary molding shapes each cost up to $6,000 to have manufactured, and are created specifically for our very own machine.


Once the biscuits are pressed onto the mold, they stick onto the conveyor belt which will meet up with our baking tray at the bottom of the belt.  Each tray will travel down a series of rollers until they are placed onto our baking racks ready for the oven.

Each size of biscuit is baked at a specific temperature and time to ensure the are perfect every time.  Once finished, we allow our biscuits to dry and cool for 24 hours to make sure all moisture is gone from our biscuits.  This step will help prevent mold and allows us to have a longer shelf life without adding preservatives.

After a strict quality control check, our biscuits are stored in our refrigerated biscuit storage room ready to be sent out to our retail stores within a week of being baked.

Fun Facts!

Our dog biscuit baking equipment was once used to make dog biscuits for Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Dean Travis stopped into a boutique dog biscuit shop while attending a conference in Orlando, where he started chatting with the owner. She was baking dog biscuit products for Disney World… but was ready to get out of the business.

With a handshake, and within a few days her commercial baking gear was on a truck headed to El Paso and Pet’s Barn was producing its first Gourmet Dog Biscuits.