Everyone knows that Activa Custom is loved by dogs all over, but did you know that cats love it just as much? Let’s take a closer look at our cat-specific supplements as well as all of the benefits that cats can receive from eating Activa Custom.

A cat is a naturally finicky animal, which includes their diets as well.  At times they simply won’t like the food they’ve been eating for years, which is precisely why Customized Pet Food is perfect for our finicky furry feline friends.

Activa Cat Foods

The first step in customizing your cat’s Activa is to pick which formula best suits their needs. Whether it’s our Original or Grain-Free formula, you can rest assured that your cat is receiving the very best.

Activa Original Cat

Activa Original Cat

Activa Original Cat formula was crafted with essential vitamins and nutrients to support a healthy lifestyle for your cat. Our original formula contains chicken meal as the single protein source in addition to grain ingredients like corn and rice. With a 32% protein level and 15% fat content, this diet is appropriate for all life stages and will assist your cat in living a long, healthy life.

Activa Grain Free Cat

Activa Grain Free Cat

Activa® Grain Free Cat Food Formula is formulated with your cat’s natural carnivorous instincts in mind.  With ingredients such as chicken, salmon and turkey meal, the great flavors of these proteins along with healthy vegetables such as cranberries and flaxseed will help provide the essential vitamins and nutrients needed to support overall health.  Our 100% grain-free formula keeps the focus on our nutrient-rich ingredients by eliminating all grains and helps reduce the likelihood of common grain-related allergies a pet may develop over time.

Activa Cat Specific Supplements

When we started formulating supplements, we knew that we had to create cat-specific supplements that would target common issues that face our feline family members. Whether your cat is plagued by hairballs or urinary tract problems, we’ve got them covered!
With ingredients like sodium bisulfate and DL-methionine, our Urinary Tract Health supplement helps support healthy urinary tract health by providing necessary vitamins and minerals specific for tract health.
Our Indoor Cat supplement provides a great boost to your beloved cat’s health. This supplement has been specifically formulated to provide vitamins, minerals and nutrients for indoor cats.
Hairballs are hated all around. With our Hairball supplement, your cat’s digestive tract will be supported which will help to prevent hairballs.

Activa Additional Food Supplements

While we have three cat-specific supplements, there are also a large number of our other supplements that are great for your cat’s health and needs.