A well-balanced and nutritious diet produces a strong boned, well muscled, healthy dog.   When it comes to working your dog up the nutrition ladder, Activa Pet Food Original formulas are the way to go.  With the protein source as the first ingredient, your dog will enjoy the higher digestibility of the food than that of grocery store brands.

What protein options are available?

Activa Original comes in variety of proteins to provide not only a diverse line up of flavors, but to lessen the chances of your dog developing any protein allergies or intolerances. Activa Original is made with very high quality ingredients and it is formulated to fit any dog’s needs due to it being appropriate for all life stages. Activa Original is comparable to many grocery store brands and in some cases the formulation is more agreeable to a dog’s digestive cycle and body distribution of nutrients.

Why Activa Original?

• Activa comes direct from our Texas factory, so it’s guaranteed fresh.
• All Activa formulas can be customized to fit your dog’s needs.
• It is the best option to transition your dog from grocery store brands due to its formulation.
• It is well priced for the quality of the food.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • Dogs and cats fall in love with it once they try it.
• It is locally made in the Pet’s Barn owned maufacturing plant which allows full control of the ingredients and process of the food being made.
• Activa Pet Food is tested hourly to guarantee quality.

How does pricing compare to grocery store brands?

In a lot of cases, Activa Pet Food can be cheaper than your grocery store brands based on the price per pound. However, all depends on the brand and place of purchase. Sometimes coupons come in handy with grocery store brands yet are not always available. With Activa, we have a multi bag price break daily and a rewards program on top of it to ensure that Activa Pet Food remains wallet friendly.

Let’s talk customization!

Activa Original is also 100% customizeable! Activa is the only food that’s formulated to fit those little extra needs that make you pet special and unique. Each pet has its individual requirements which can change at various stages of its life. Most pet foods have added supplements and enrichments that get eliminated due to extreme high temperatures in the cooking process. With Activa Custom, they are added fresh in store. The Activa Custom process starts at our plant and ends at your nearest Pet’s Barn location!