I adopted my Chihuahua/Dachshund mix, Harper, almost two years ago. When I adopted Harper she was timid and shy but more importantly her coat was dull and she was underweight and was constantly sneezing. I immediately put Harper on Activa Grain Free formulas with the skin/coat and allergy supplements. In addition to those supplements, I also added coconut oil and grilled chicken flavoring. Harper immediately loved the food and seemed to eat with much more enthusiasm!
But the best part of all was that after just a month or so, I noticed a huge difference in her. Harper is now at a healthy weight and has a beautiful coat. Her shedding has decreased and she rarely sneezes.
Activa Custom pet food has been a miracle for my dog and I recommend it to everyone that I know! Since introducing this food, Harper now has the ability to be the fun, playful dog that she was meant to be without any of her previous setbacks. She will be on this food for life!