Attached you will find the picture I promised to send you of my cat Oreo. He found me while I was talking on my cell phone in a service bay back in July of 1997, it’s hard to believe he has been with me for almost 21 years.

A couple of years ago, Oreo began to develop stomach problems. He ate the same Purina Cat Chow all his life so it didn’t occur to me it had anything to do with his diet, I assumed it was old age. The problem gradually got worse, he would throw up his food a little while after eating and he began to lose weight over time. At times when he was able to keep his food down, his stool was very loose, and runny. So then, several weeks ago he stopped eating altogether. This went on for two days and it worried me. On the third day, I stopped by Pets Barn to purchase dog food and I shared my cat story with one of your associates who introduced me to your “Activa Grain Free” cat food. I purchased a small bag, went home, fed the cat, and amazingly, he began to eat again. At first he still had intermittent problems keeping the food down, yet it was a relief that he was at least eating again. As the days passed, the stomach problems began to go away, he was keeping the food down and he regained strength and energy he had lost over several months. Now there are no more loose or runny stools, and he constantly craves the food.

Your cat food saved Oreo’s life.