• Also added is oatmeal, honey, coconut flakes & coconut oil to make this a sweet treat for your pet that will soon be their favorite!  Coconut Oil is naturally rich in MCT’s (medium-chain triglycerides), which have been shown to have various health benefits.
  • The ultimate wholesome snack!  Grain Me Not’s are perfect for dogs that might be sensitive to regular dog treats that contain grains, soy, wheat etc. Choose from 2 biscuit sizes and 3 flavors!  These nutritious and oh so delicious single serve treats will have your dog begging for more! Their crunchy texture are great on the teeth and the lack of grain is great for their tummies!
  • Healthy, hardy and oven baked to perfection, Liver Snaps are the perfect tasty treat to reward a dog for a job well done. Made with only 3 ingredients, oat flour, fresh chicken liver and olive oil…that’s it!*   *Crunchy Treats Only


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