In our Activa pet foods, the first ingredient is going to be a protein source.  By using a protein meal as the first ingredient you can be sure that the protein is the main ingredient.  Our No Corn Turkey Meal is a great alternative to chicken meal and has the added benefit of being a Multiple protein diet with a total of 3 proteins. We add herring meal and dried eggs which is a super digestible protein. We also mix in brown rice, flaxseed, apples, cranberries, carrots, spinach, sunflower oil, fish oil, and natural preservatives to enrich the total nutrition.

Why No Corn?

Corn used in pet food is not bad or harmful to dogs unless they have allergies or have sensitive stomachs.  A No Corn formula substitutes corn with more premium ingredients giving dogs complete balanced nutrition in smaller portions. This also means less waste for cleanup and more cost-effective for dog owners.