Oven Baked Liver Snaps

Healthy, hardy and oven baked to perfection, Liver Snaps are the perfect tasty treat to reward a dog for a job well done.

Made with only 3 ingredients, oat flour, fresh chicken liver and olive oil…that’s it!*


*Crunchy Treats Only



Baked daily in our ovens, Liver Snaps have the texture and oven baked flavor your dog will love.

Now available in a new Soft Chew Formula!

For those pups who prefer a soft and chewy treat, our Liver Snaps are now available in a soft and chewy formula.  These treats take the crunch out while preserving the same great oven baked flavor.  We have also added rolled oats and a little bit of brown sugar to make these treats even more irresistible to your pet!


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