Our 3 year old boxer Dio has suffered from what the veterinarian thinks is Colitis. Since he was a 1 year old pup, we have been woken up at least twice a month by “messy surprises” all over our house, as well as constant gas from our puppy. Then we noticed our poor Dio, who was weighing a steady 80 pounds, was starting to lose weight and have his rib cage poke thru, no matter how many cups of food we fed him.

We tried all types of food, from the original Purina, to the Pro Plan, and finally we found our way to Pet’s Barn. We tried Appetito, which worked well for a few months, but Dio’s Colitis came back with a vengeance. We started to realize his body was adjusting to the new food and no longer worked for him. We felt like there was nothing we could do for Dio, but we couldn’t give up. Being on a budget, but also wanting to help Dio, we went back to Pet’s Barn to inquire about a brand the vet recommended. It was rather pricey, but we decided we had to at least try it for the sake of Dio’s stomach. After speaking to one of the sales associates, we were informed that we should try the Activia Custom Blend before investing in the vet’s recommendation. We bought 3 bags, and customized it with the digestive probiotic as well as coconut oil.

We have been thru 7 bags since our journey and are proud to say Dio is looking healthier than ever, with no accidents! All our dogs love the new food, and we are so happy we could find something affordable that actually helps Dio.