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Activa Pet Food Original Formulas


A well-balanced and nutritious diet produces a strong boned, well muscled, healthy dog.   When it comes to working your dog up the nutrition ladder, Activa Pet Food Original formulas are the way to go.  With the protein source as the first ingredient, your dog will enjoy the higher digestibility of the food than that of grocery store brands.

What protein options are available?

Activa Original comes in variety of proteins to provide not only a diverse line up of flavors, but to lessen the chances of your dog developing any protein allergies or intolerances. Activa Original is made with very high quality ingredients and it is formulated to fit any dog’s needs due to it being appropriate for all life stages. Activa Original is comparable to many grocery store brands and in some cases the formulation is more agreeable to a dog’s digestive cycle and body distribution of nutrients.

Why Activa Original?

• Activa comes direct from our Texas factory, so it’s guaranteed fresh.
• All Activa formulas can be customized to fit your dog’s needs.
• It is the best option to transition your dog from grocery store brands due to its formulation.
• It is well priced for the quality of the food.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      • Dogs and cats fall in love with it once they try it.
• It is locally made in the Pet’s Barn owned maufacturing plant which allows full control of the ingredients and process of the food being made.
• Activa Pet Food is tested hourly to guarantee quality.

How does pricing compare to grocery store brands?

In a lot of cases, Activa Pet Food can be cheaper than your grocery store brands based on the price per pound. However, all depends on the brand and place of purchase. Sometimes coupons come in handy with grocery store brands yet are not always available. With Activa, we have a multi bag price break daily and a rewards program on top of it to ensure that Activa Pet Food remains wallet friendly.

Let’s talk customization!

Activa Original is also 100% customizeable! Activa is the only food that’s formulated to fit those little extra needs that make you pet special and unique. Each pet has its individual requirements which can change at various stages of its life. Most pet foods have added supplements and enrichments that get eliminated due to extreme high temperatures in the cooking process. With Activa Custom, they are added fresh in store. The Activa Custom process starts at our plant and ends at your nearest Pet’s Barn location!


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An In-Depth look at Senior (Geriatric) Feeding


Having a senior dog or cat does not mean that your pet is close to the end of their life. As is true with humans, age is also a state of mind when it comes to our pets. Getting older in age does not necessarily mean that our pet is biologically old. All of this depends on factors like breed, genetics and overall health.

What to consider about your senior pet’s health

The proper nutrition and exercise is key to keeping your pet healthy, and can be a powerful tool in maintaining proper health as well as disease management and prevention. There is no perfect senior diet for pets simply because no two senior animals are alike. Becoming old is not an indicator of a change in the pet’s diet. For instance, most dogs at a certain age need a hip & joint or a skin and coat supplement to help them stay healthy and moving. Even a digestive supplement or a multivitamin can be added to promote a better working body. It all depends on the pet and their unique needs.

Common issues that senior animals face:

Low energy

Weight gain

Muscle loss

Low kidney function

Low immunity

Loss of appetite

Hair loss

Dental decay



Food Intolerances

Loss of mobility

Even if your pet has one or more of these, there is no base diet that contains all of the necessary ingredients to combat such issues. Adding the proper supplements that best suit your pet’s needs is key to have a well rounded diet for them.

What to ask yourself

How old is my pet?

The age of your pet is essential in determing whether they are a senior or not. By most standards, your pet is likely in the senior stage of their life between the ages of 7-10.

What breed is my pet?

Some breeds tend to have genetic issues. Investigating your pet’s breed (this includes mix breeds) can help you determine any supplements that might be needed to add to your pet’s diet.

What is my pet's activity level?

As pet’s become less active, they may require less protein. However, if your dog is 12 but is still quite active, reducing the protein in their diet might not be recommended.

Is my pet over/under weight?

Some pets tend to keep or lose weight once they are of senior age. Make sure your pet is close to the recommended weight according to their age and breed.

How are my pet's teeth?

Oral health is a very important part of digestion. This is especially true for domesticated pets due to their diets being dry. Knowing the condition of your pet’s oral health can also let you know what diet adjustments might suit them best.

How is my pet reacting to their diet?

Allergies and intolerances can increase with age and this can be due to a low immune system or just developments of old age. Keep an eye out for excessive scratching or itching as an indicator.

How is my pet's food intake?

Sometimes pets begin to eat less due to constipation which can easily be fixed with the addition of more fiber. When pets increase their intake of food but reduce their physical activity this can lead to obesity.

Does my pet have any illnesses?

A pet that already has a condition (diabetes, obesity, allergies, stones, etc…) might need to be fed a recommended diet that still mirrors their previous diet but contains some new adjustments.

How is my pet's skin & coat?

Loss of hair and coat condition can indicate a numerous amount of underlying issues with our pet. The skin is the largest organ in the body and needs to be well taken care of.

Make sure that your pet is up to date with their veterinarian. Ensuring that you have a clear picture of your pet’s health is essential in giving them the happiest and healthiest life possible!

Activa Custom Pet Food is the best senior formula available because supplementation can be adjusted as needed for your pet. Choose the right base, supplements and oils to guarantee that your pet will have a diet that meets every one of their unique needs!

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New Activa Original Formulas


Activa Original Turkey Formula

Turkey is packed full of great vitamins and nutrients! Turkey is not only low in calories but is a highly digestible protein which can make it a great choice for pets with digestive issues. With high levels of Tryptophan and Selenium, our new Original Turkey formula can also be great for immune support! 

We are so excited to announce the addition of two new formulas to our Activa Original line! Our Activa Original formulas are crafted to provide your pet with a variety of vitamins and nutrients to support a healthy lifestyle.

Activa Original Rabbit Formula

Rabbit is an excellent source of protein! As an exotic protein, Rabbit can be a great choice for pets with allergies or other food sensitivities. Rabbit is naturally high in protein which helps provide fuel for your pet’s muscular system and is also great for immune support.  Our new Original Rabbit formula is completely chicken free and made with canola oil. 

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Activa Custom Cat Foods


Everyone knows that Activa Custom is loved by dogs all over, but did you know that cats love it just as much? Let’s take a closer look at our cat-specific supplements as well as all of the benefits that cats can receive from eating Activa Custom.

A cat is a naturally finicky animal, which includes their diets as well.  At times they simply won’t like the food they’ve been eating for years, which is precisely why Customized Pet Food is perfect for our finicky furry feline friends.

Activa Cat Foods

The first step in customizing your cat’s Activa is to pick which formula best suits their needs. Whether it’s our Original or Grain-Free formula, you can rest assured that your cat is receiving the very best.

Activa Original Cat

Activa Original Cat

Activa Original Cat formula was crafted with essential vitamins and nutrients to support a healthy lifestyle for your cat. Our original formula contains chicken meal as the single protein source in addition to grain ingredients like corn and rice. With a 32% protein level and 15% fat content, this diet is appropriate for all life stages and will assist your cat in living a long, healthy life.

Activa Grain Free Cat

Activa Grain Free Cat

Activa® Grain Free Cat Food Formula is formulated with your cat’s natural carnivorous instincts in mind.  With ingredients such as chicken, salmon and turkey meal, the great flavors of these proteins along with healthy vegetables such as cranberries and flaxseed will help provide the essential vitamins and nutrients needed to support overall health.  Our 100% grain-free formula keeps the focus on our nutrient-rich ingredients by eliminating all grains and helps reduce the likelihood of common grain-related allergies a pet may develop over time.

Activa Cat Specific Supplements

When we started formulating supplements, we knew that we had to create cat-specific supplements that would target common issues that face our feline family members. Whether your cat is plagued by hairballs or urinary tract problems, we’ve got them covered!
With ingredients like sodium bisulfate and DL-methionine, our Urinary Tract Health supplement helps support healthy urinary tract health by providing necessary vitamins and minerals specific for tract health.
Our Indoor Cat supplement provides a great boost to your beloved cat’s health. This supplement has been specifically formulated to provide vitamins, minerals and nutrients for indoor cats.
Hairballs are hated all around. With our Hairball supplement, your cat’s digestive tract will be supported which will help to prevent hairballs.

Activa Additional Food Supplements

While we have three cat-specific supplements, there are also a large number of our other supplements that are great for your cat’s health and needs.

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A Look Into The Pet’s Barn Biscuit Bakery


Located in El Paso, Texas our Pet’s Barn biscuit bakery is where our pet’s favorite biscuits are made.

Throughout a business day, at least  7,500 biscuits are made daily! Whether your dog likes blueberry or bacon, we have a biscuit for them!

The History

Our gourmet dog treats are just a part of what Pet’s Barn is about. The story begins more than 50 years ago, when Dean Travis’s dad was managing a feed store in El Paso. Eventually, he became the owner of the store. Today, his son Dean owns and operates 22 Pet’s Barn stores in El Paso, San Antonio, and Las Cruces.

“This is very personal,” says Dean Travis. “This was my Dad’s business, now it’s mine, and my son Eric is running our pet food plant. We make it a point to buy every ingredient from U.S. farmers and producers… and we only use high-grade ingredients that we would want our own pets to eat.”

Fresh USA Origin Ingredients

It may surprise you to find out that our gourmet biscuits are comprised of human-grade commodities. If you ever get curious, try one yourself! They are perfectly safe for pet AND human consumption. The best part of making our own gourmet dog treats is that we can ensure your pets receive them nice and fresh! Biscuits are on the Pet’s Barn shelves within days from coming out of the Pet’s Barn Bakery oven.

Meet Our Head Biscuit Baker!

Some would call our head baker, Bobby Ladday a dog’s best friend. Bobby has been the head baker for Pet’s Barn for the past 9 years.

Bobby makes thousands of fresh, delicious biscuits every day and is passionate about bringing the very best treats to dogs all over! Although, if Bobby had to choose, he’d recommend our Blueberry, Maple or Mint biscuits!

The Life of a Fresh Baked Biscuit

Fun Facts!

Our dog biscuit baking equipment was once used to make dog biscuits for Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Dean Travis stopped into a boutique dog biscuit shop while attending a conference in Orlando, where he started chatting with the owner. She was baking dog biscuit products for Disney World… but was ready to get out of the business.

With a handshake, and within a few days her commercial baking gear was on a truck headed to El Paso and Pet’s Barn was producing its first Gourmet Dog Biscuits.

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