Walk into any pet food supply store and your bound to see rows and rows of dog food on their shelves. So you may be asking, which is the best food for my dog? The answer is, we don’t know because each and every dog is different.

What we do know is only you know your pet the best, so we’re giving you the ability to craft a pet food specific to your pet’s own tastes and dietary needs.






Activa Custom Pet Food is changing the pet food industry one bag at a time by giving pet parents the ability to customize their pet’s food like never before.

As with anything new, there are tons of questions that are asked by our customers. Here are the most common questions.

What exactly is Activa Custom Pet Food?

How long with my pet’s food last after it’s customized?

What are the best Enrichments to get for my pet’s food?

Can I customize any food you sell in your store?

Will I still have to give my dog their daily vitamins / supplements?

How long until I start seeing results after feeding?


Designed, developed & manufactured from the ground up here in Texas the Activa Custom Pet Food Machine was created with one concept in mind, to provide your pet a fully customized food based on their individual tastes and dietary needs.

Ready To Get Started?

Simply choose your pet’s starting formula, then your enrichments oils and flavors.

We’ll take care of the rest.


“I wish I would have thought of it first. I am completely blown away. Customized Pet Food is the real deal! It truly made me see a difference in my pet’s skin & coat.

Ingaz N.

“I STRONGLY recommend Customized Pet Food to EVERYONE interested in a food for the SPECIFIC pet!

I can’t stress enough how great it is to be able to personalize my pet’s food.

Annette M.
“I have an English Bulldog and two Boxers. This food with the additives and custom features has made such a huge difference. Bulldogs are a gassy breed- this food has reduced that by 90%- and I’m so thankful. His wrinkles and skin are fantastic. The Boxers’ skin and entire bodies are amazing. I can’t say enough.”

– Deanna Franck, El Paso

Deanna Franck

I take my pet’s health very seriously.  From the food my dog eats to what supplements I give them I do loads of homework to make sure they have proper nutrition.

The concept of “custom pet food” has been a life saver.  Giving me the ability to pick and choose not only the type of food but the supplements that go into it AND flavors as well?  You all hit a home run with this one.