What Is Custom Pet Food?

Walk into any pet food supply store and your bound to see rows and rows of dog food on their shelves. So you may be asking, which is the best food for my dog? The answer is, we don’t know because each and every dog is different.What we do know is only you know your pet the best, so we’re giving you the ability to craft a pet food specific to your pet’s own tastes and dietary needs.

What Is Custom Pet Food?
All dog food goes through a process called extrusion.  This puts the ingredients through high heat, high pressure environments.  Due to this process many of the vitamins, minerals, and pro/prebiotics are diminished. We have developed this machine in order to add these supplements back into the dog food, fresh and full of the health benefits they provide.  We also add fresh oils and a shot of flavor to increase palatability (an added benefit for picky dogs!)
How long with my pet’s food last after it’s customized?
Customizing your pet’s food does not change the original shelf life.All Activa Custom dog food has a shelf life of 1 year from the manufacture date, however it is optimal to feed within 6 months
What are the best Enrichments to get for my pet’s food?
This is the best part of our machine!  With the help of our employees, we will make you dog food that is best for your pet. We ask simple questions to get to know your preferences, and your pet in order to make the best possible combination of supplements, oils and flavors.

Can I customize any food you sell in your store?
The custom pet food enhancing machine was specifically designed for Pet’s Barn’s own Activa Brand dog food. It cannot be used to enhance any competitor’s product.
Will I still have to give my dog their daily vitamins / supplements?
The enhancing machine takes the extra step of buying or feeding Vitamin/Supplement pills to your pet each day.  Everything they need is in each serving of dog food they eat every day.This saves you a ton of time and money!
How long until I start seeing results after feeding?
As with any supplement regimen, it can take up to 6 weeks to see a difference in your pet.  Don’t get discouraged!Once the difference is clear, you’ll never get regular dog food again.