Customize Your Food

 Food made for your dog or cat.  Just the way they like it.

Customizing your pet's food is always FREE!

Activa Pet Foods are for all Life Stages & Breeds!

Step 1 - Choose an Activa Formula

Custom pet food all starts with a base formula.  


Choose from one of three Activa Premium Pet Food formulas based on your pet's tastes and dietary needs.  

Activa Grain Free

A premium all life stage formula that nourishes while avoiding any grain allergies 

Activa No Corn

An all life stage formula made with primarily protein and avoids fillers such as corn and wheat.

Activa Original

A well balanced formula made for all life stages with high quality ingredients 

Step 2 - Choose a Protein

Pick your protein to maintain muscle and energy levels 


Rich in niacin, one particular B-vitamin that guards against cancer and other forms of genetic (DNA) damage.


Recommended for aging dogs.  Has a larger amount of essential trace minerals that lend themselves to senior pets.


Packed with vitamins A, B and D as well as calcium, iron, phosphorus and selenium which help memory function.


Approximately 75 percent of the world’s population eats goat meat which is especially beneficial for heart health.

+ over 15 additional proteins to choose from!

Step 3 - Choose A Supplement


Solve for your pet’s health needs with a wide variety of nutritional supplements

Hip & Joint

Contains Glucosamine & Chrondroitin to help
maintain hip and joint health.

Skin & Coat

Helps promote a shiny healthy coat by providing essential Omega 3 & Omega 6 fatty acids.


Helps with the digestion and  absorption of essential nutrients while helping boost immune systems.


Supplement with chamomile to help newly relocated dogs or in preparation for loud noises.

+ an additional 15 supplements to choose from!

Step 4 - Choose Oils & Flavors


Ensure your pet’s food is as fresh as it can be while with healthy oils while flavors give them the flavor they crave.

Customize your Activa for free

Get your Activa so each meal provides the same nutrition, freshness and flavor

Comes with the Activa 100% Satisfaction Guarantee